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I've heard the proposal to hold registered gun owners accountable for any crimes committed with their firearm, and that seems like a reasonable step to me. Sure, it doesn't directly address the availability of guns, but it could incentivize people to exercise tighter control over their firearms. If a gun owner is held responsible for the fact that his son went and shot up a school or movie theater with a gun that was easily accessible, perhaps that gun owner would think twice about not locking up his guns. Perhaps this might even cause gun owners to reflect on whether they truly do need a gun in their lives. I'm aware that deaths by guns in schools and movie theaters aren't more numerous than other kinds of gun deaths, but they sure are an attention-grabbing death, and one that could help shift the way we view guns. Conservatives who feel like they need guns to be safe in life are generally eager to pay lip service to personal responsibility, so this policy, on the face of it, would perhaps enjoy decent support from some reasonable conservatives.

last year

Background checks are already mandatory. The intent of this repeated phrase is to regulate and identify all sales or transfers between private individuals. If I wanted to sell, and my neighbor wanted to buy, my shotgun, we would have to go to a gun store that would process the background check, pay the store a fee and pay the cost of the background check, then wait for the results before completing the transaction. Same thing if I wanted to transfer (give) my grandson one of my old rifles. I am sure, with no doubt, that the thugs in the alleyways of Chicago will follow this process to a 'T'. Once again something that sounds good but will have no positive effect on a perceived problem. The burden is placed upon law abiding citizens restricting their activities and liberties while being ignored by the criminals. Better yet to enforce existing laws. One would be very surprised to see how little actual gun crimes are prosecuted much less a sentence being imposed. Call your councilman, mayor, DA - tell them to prosecute and sentence. Make criminals FEAR using a firearm to commit a crime.